Clarence's Truck, by Clarence Lee

Clarences Truck, by Clarence L

© 2000 Clarence Lee

Tim Jacques, aged 35

Tim Jacques, aged 35

Length: 5.000 cm (truck)

AOA 1997.Am12.9

This ring was made by the artist Clarence Lee, a Navajo Indian who often makes jewellery showing scenes from his life when he was a child on the Navajo reservation. Then, and sometimes still now, trucks were used to fetch water in big drums. Can you see one dog riding in the truck and another running alongside it?

A few final facts...
This piece is typical of Lee's work. During his childhood the truck replaced the horse as the main means of Navajo transport, making travel throughout the vast reservation much easier. The ring is made of silver and semi-precious stones such as turquoise. Turquoise is often used in Navajo jewellery and has great religious significance.


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On display: Room 26: North America