Anglo-Saxon England

Ship's figurehead

In the fifth century AD, people from tribes called Angles, Saxons and Jutes left their homelands in northern Europe to look for a new home. They knew that the Romans had recently left the green land of Britain unguarded, so they sailed across the channel in small wooden boats. This warlike dragon figurehead is from a ship of that time.

The Britons did not give in without a fight, but after many years the invaders managed to overcome them, driving them to the west of the country. The Anglo-Saxons were to rule for over 500 years.

Some objects were left behind by the Anglo-Saxons which have given us clues about how they lived. This tour gives you an introduction to that time through twelve objects in the British Museum, home to the largest and finest Anglo-Saxon collection in the world.

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What can we learn about the Anglo-Saxons from examining museum objects?

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