Faith tour

Bronze figure of Nataraja




Height: 89.500 cm

Asia OA 1987.3-14.1

The objects included in this tour are all related to religion in some way. They were selected, and the commentaries written, by a group of young people who worked together during a week-long programme of activities at the British Museum. One of the participants describes the project:

'Seventeen young people of seven different faiths joined together to create a faith trail in the British Museum. It has been a great experience through which people of different religions have been brought together in the common goal of improving inter-faith dialogue. We learnt a lot through the curators about the history of different faiths and the links to modern culture. We particularly enjoyed being behind the scenes and learning about the functioning of the museum. It has been interesting to connect people's interpretations of objects with their own and other religions.' Seeta, Hindu

The tour, which can also be followed in the museum's galleries, includes a wide range of objects - from contemporary art to an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus - all of which provoked strong reactions in the commentators.

This project was a working partnership with Save the Children as part of Diversity and Dialogue, an interfaith initiative to promote dialogue between people of different faiths.

On display: Room 33: Asia