Audio description

Burnished pots

This tour features a selection of twenty objects displayed in five of the Museum's galleries - Egyptian Sculpture (Room 4), Parthenon Sculptures (Room 18), Living and Dying (Room 24), the African Galleries (Room 25) and the Enlightenment Gallery (Room 1).

The authors and editors of our online tours usually write with the assumption, whether conscious or not, that the reader can either see the image of the object on the website, or if they visit the Museum, in the gallery itself. This tour is different, as the text has been specially written for blind or partially sighted visitors.

The texts are much longer than our usual descriptions, as they aim to capture the visual elements of the objects that are commonly taken for granted. We hope that in time we can add to this resource and make more objects in the Museum accessible in this way.

Audio recordings of each description (in mp3 format) can be downloaded from each page of the tour.

The descriptions were commissioned by the British Museum's Department of Learning and Audiences from Vocaleyes (, a nationwide audio description company for blind and partially sighted people providing access to the best in the arts.

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