Munakata Shikō, 'Kanaya' (Kanaya), a woodblock print

Munakata Shikō, Kanaya

© 2001 Yoshiaki Munakata

Height: 630.000 mm
Width: 480.000 mm

Asia JA 1981.7-30.012

From the series 'Munakata's Prints of the Tōkaidō Highway' (Tōkaidō Munakata Hanga)

In March 1963, at the age of sixty, Munakata was comissioned by the Suruga Bank to make a series of Tōkaidō prints. In the course of the next year he went on numerous field trips for this project, producing sixty-two designs, some in black and white, some with hand-colouring.

For 'Kanaya', a view of the post-station roughly half way along the Tōkaidō, colour has been painted by hand from both the front and the back of the sheet. The hand-colouring for each impression is radically different; each impression has a subtitle in the margin which presumably reflects the differences in colouring. Here it reads 'Evening peak of the heart' (kyōkin bogaku). In his diary-commentary about the series the artist describes coming over a pass from the west and suddenly seeing the vast view of the ōi River below with Fuji rising up beyond: 'My heart opened up - it was as splendid as can be' (Nantomo subarashii ni tsukiru kyōkin gyōkai deshita).