Lindow Man

Lindow Man

Lindow Man

Iron Age
Found in Lindow Moss, Cheshire

Height: 1.690 m (when he was alive)



Gift of Blue Prince Mushrooms, Littlehampton,
West Sussex

P&EE 1984 10-2 1

This man is the most convincing evidence for human sacrifice in Iron Age Britain. Aged about 25, he met a horrific death in a bog in north-west England at about the time of the Roman Conquest of England. Before he was killed he had eaten unleaven bread made from wheat and barley, and had drunk a drink. He was taken to the bog. First, a couple of blows from a heavy object to his head smashed his skull. His throat was then cut and he was allowed to bleed for a time. Finally, he was placed face down in a pond in the bog. This horrific and elaborate sequence strongly suggests that he was sacrificed as part of a ritual. The drink contained mistletoe, which was sacred to the Druids, and it is recorded that Druids carried out human sacrifices.

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