Kayak clothing from Greenland

Kayak jacket of sealskin (tuilik)

'When they go to sea, they wear over their clothes a tuelik or black, smooth sealskin frock that keeps out the water.' (David Cranz, 1765)

'Because our ocean here, - it is very cold. And therefore it is very important for those who want to train kayaking, that they maintain their body temperature, out of consideration for their health.' (Member of the Kayak Club Nuuk, 1999)

The kayaker wears a variety of garments - hooded jackets (tuilik), sprayshirts (akuilisaq), mittens (aaqqatit) and kayak sleeves (aaqqat) - to keep warm and prevent water from coming into the kayak. Traditionally, they were an indispensable part of a kayak's equipment in Greenland and remain so in Greenlandic kayak clubs today.

This tour presents a field collection of kayak clothing as it is made and used by kayak clubs in Greenland today.