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Wooden writing-tablet


Length: 14.600 cm

Gift of Professor Sir Ian Richmond

P&EE 1953 10-2 1

Britain, Europe and Prehistory

    Wooden writing-tablet

    Roman Britain, 1st or 2nd century AD
    From Walbrook, London

    A business letter from early Roman London

    This is part of a writing-tablet made of fir wood. On the inner face the writer has pressed so hard with the stylus that as well as marking the waxed surface (now gone), the text was impressed into the wood, where it has been preserved.

    The letter, which appears to concern an inventory and financial matters, has been translated:

    'Rufus, son of Callisunus, greetings to Epillicus and all his fellows. I believe you know that I am very well. If you have made the list, please send it. See that you do everything carefully so as to extract the last coin from that girl...'.


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