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Writing-tablet with account of money received

Letter saying that some money has been received


Length: 17.400 cm

P&EE 1989 6-2 75

Room 49: Roman Britain

    Writing-tablet with account of money received

    Roman Britain, late 1st or early 2nd century AD
    Vindolanda Roman fort (modern Chesterholm), Northumberland

    This tablet contains an account that may have been that of a civilian trader doing business with soldiers. It is interesting to see here a reference to a brewer, since quantities of beer are listed in a number of other accounts found on the Vindolanda writing-tablets.

    The text lists cash sums usually for specific goods, written in two columns along the grain of the wood. Some entries have been scored through, implying that they have been paid.

    A.K. Bowman, Life and letters on the Roman (London, The British Museum Press, 1994)


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    On display: Room 49: Roman Britain

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