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A wooden writing-tablet

Writing tablet

  • Exterior showing official stamp

    Exterior showing official stamp

  • Writing tablet hoard

    Writing tablet hoard


Length: 152.000 mm

Gift of the Christy Trustees

P&EE 1934 12-10 100

Room 49: Roman Britain

    Wooden writing-tablet

    Roman Britain, 1st or 2nd century AD
    Found in or near the River Walbrook, London

    Government issue stationery

    The exterior of this tablet has been branded with a circular official stamp, reading PROC AVG DEDERVNT BRIT PROV ('The imperial procurators of the province of Britain issued this').

    Procurators looked after the Roman Emperor's personal interests in each province, such as imperial estates and mines. The provincial procurator controlled government expenditure and the collection of taxes from the people.

    Unfortunately the text of the letter or document, which would have been inscribed on the original wax filling of the recessed inner face of the tablet, is no longer legible.


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    On display: Room 49: Roman Britain

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