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The Tarves Hoard


Length: 58.800 cm (sword)
Length: 58.800 cm (sword)
Length: 58.800 cm (sword)
Width: 6.000 cm (pommel)
Length: 58.800 cm (sword)

Gift of the Earl of Aberdeen

P&E PRB 1858 11-15 1-5

Room 51: Europe 10,000-800 BC

    The Tarves Hoard

    Bronze Age, 1000-850 BC
    From Tarves, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    The arms of a Late Bronze age warrior

    This hoard was found on Ythsie Farm, Tarves, and originally contained three swords, a pommel, a chape (scabbard fitting) and two pins. One sword and one pin were not part of the gift to the British Museum.

    At this time in Britain, during the Late Bronze Age, there was no practice of ostentatious burial. Hoards containing one, two, or occasionally more swords have been found in Scotland and eastern England, which can easily be interpreted as the personal possessions of powerful warriors, which were possibly buried as dedications on their death. This may be the case with this hoard.

    Part of the warrior's costume, perhaps a cloak, was secured by two pins of a distinctive 'sunflower' type. This type has been found in Scotland and Ireland, demonstrating important links at this time across the North Channel between Galloway and Ulster.

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