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The Barkway hoard


Height: 51.200 cm (largest plaque)

Gift of Lord Selsey

P&EE 1817.3-8

Room 49: Roman Britain

    The Barkway hoard

    Roman Britain, 3rd century AD
    From Barkway, Hertfordshire

    This temple hoard was found about 1743. The temple was probably dedicated to Mars, the Roman god of war, who is often mentioned and depicted on the objects in the hoard.

    The very large silver votive leaf is inscribed with a dedication to Mars Toutatis by a man called Tiberius Claudius Primus. Toutatis was a native deity, and the combination of Latin and Celtic god-names is a recurring feature of religion in Roman Britain.

    Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and craftsmanship, identifiable by his blacksmith's hammer and tongs, is also depicted on other silver leaves.The bronze handle may belong to a rattle like that from the Felmingham Hall hoard.

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