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Silver torc from the Snettisham hoard L

Silver torc (Hoard L)


Diameter: 19.500 cm
Weight: 920.000 g

Treasure Trove

P&EE 1991 4-7 39

Room 50: Britain and Europe

    Silver torc from Snettisham hoard L

    Iron Age, around 75 BC
    From Ken Hill, Snettisham, Norfolk., England

    A silver torc from the Snettisham Treasure

    This is one of two silver torcs buried with ten gold ones in a small pit. After they had been covered with dirt, another seven torcs were carefully packed on top. Hoard L was just one of at least eleven clusters of gold, silver and bronze torcs buried at Snettisham. They were buried in the countryside, away from farms and villages. There is no evidence that a temple existed at Snettisham.

    The torc was made in the same way as many of those made of gold found at Snettisham. Thin threads of silver were twisted together to make ropes, and the hollow terminals (ends) then added.

    The metal torcs made in this way were heavy and needed a large quantity of valuable metal to make them. Imagine wearing the weight of two bags of sugar around your neck in gold or silver!

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