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Silver dish with niello decoration from the Mildenhall treasure


Diameter: 55.600 cm
Weight: 5023.000 g

Treasure Trove

P&EE 1946 10-7 4

Prehistory and Europe

    Silver platter with niello decoration from the Mildenhall treasure

    Roman Britain, 4th century AD
    Found near Mildenhall, Suffolk

    With a diameter of 55.6 cm and weight of 5,023 grammes, this platter is not much smaller than the Great Dish, but its decoration belongs to a more restrained tradition, carried out simply in engraved lines filled with niello, silver sulphide which provides a black contrast to the silver. It is the type of platter which was most often used to serve food for sharing by a number of diners - such vessels were usually largely undecorated, like this one.

    K.S. Painter, The Mildenhall Treasure-1 (London, 1977)


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