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Height: 167.000 cm

Gift of Major Henry Platt

P&EE 1883 7-25 1

Room 49: Roman Britain


    Roman Britain, AD 120-21l
    From Rhiwiau-uchaf Farm, Llanfairfechan, Gwynedd, Wales

    Hadrian proclaims his imperial powers

    This milestone was found on a farm nearly seven miles from the Roman fort at Caerhun (Kanovium). The inscription reads: 'Imp(erator) Caes(ar) Trai/anus Hadrianus / Aug(ustus) p(ontifex) m(aximus) tr(ibuniciae) p(otestatis) V / p(ater) p(atriae) co(n)s(ul) III / a Kanouio / m(ilia) p(assuum) VIII' ('The Emperor Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus, pontifex maximus in his fifth year of tribunician power, father of his country, thrice consul: from Kanovium 8 miles').

    The lettering was probably picked out in red paint, as was usual at the time.

    Official inscriptions, like coins, were seen by people of all classes throughout the Roman Empire, and the opportunity to use them for propaganda was often exploited, as here by the emperor Hadrian (reigned AD 117-138).


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