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Iron window grille

Iron window grille

  • Reconstruction



Height: 55.000 cm
Width: 61.000 cm

P&EE 1966 2-6 1

Room 49: Roman Britain

    Iron window grille

    Roman Britain, late 3rd or 4th century AD
    From Hinton St. Mary, Dorset

    Ironwork grilles were commonly used in the Roman world to provide security for windows, both with and without glass. They do not often survive intact.

    This example, from a villa in Dorset of the late third or fourth century AD, is the most complete one of its type known. It was found close to the room that contained the famous mosaic featuring the head of Christ.

    Other Views: The grille placed in front of a photograph of a reconstruction of a contemporary interior at the Museum of London.

    M. Campbell, Decorative ironwork (London, V&A Publications, 1997)