Hoard of Iceni silver coins

Roman Britain, deposited about AD 60-61
Found at Field Baulk, March, Cambridgeshire (1982)

The largest recorded Icenian coin hoard

This hoard consists of 872 silver coins of the Iron Age Iceni tribe of East Anglia, and is the the largest single Icenian find yet known. Only a selection of the coins is shown in this picture. The coins were contained in a globular pot, which was probably made sometime between AD 50 and 70. The hoard was hidden below ground, in a settlement, and the reason for its concealment may have been the troubled times of AD 60-61, when Queen Boudica led a tribal revolt against the newly-established Roman rulers.

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T.W. Potter, Roman Britain, 2nd edition (London, The British Museum Press, 1997)


Diameter: 14.500 cm (pot)

Museum number

CM 1983.3-30.1-872



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