Electrum torc from Snettisham (Hoard G)

Iron Age, around 75 BC
From Ken Hill, Snettisham, Norfolk, England

This torc is part of hoard G found at Snettisham, which was buried in a small pit cut into the rock. It contained 3 torcs made of electrum (a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver), 7 silver torcs and 10 bronze torcs.

Different types of torcs were made and worn by the people who buried the treasure at Snettisham. Many, though not all, were made from twisted ropes of metal. This massive torc is a more simple type of the twisted rope torcs. It is made from four different bars of electrum, which have been slightly twisted around each other. The ends of the bars were then bent around each other to make the loop shaped terminals.

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Electrum torc from Snettisham (Hoard G)

Electrum torc (Hoard G)


More information


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Diameter: 22.500 cm
Weight: 2395.000 g

Museum number

P&EE 1991 4-7 7



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