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Bronze oil flask


Height: 5.400 mm

P&EE 1883 12-13 300

Room 49: Roman Britain

    Bronze oil flask

    Roman Britain, 2nd century AD
    From Bayford, Kent

    African heads on a Roman flask found in Kent

    This finely cast oil flask was part of a set of bath implements, along with two iron strigils, and a carrying handle, found in a rich grave in 1877. The other grave goods included a lamp, jugs, bottles, jars, dishes and cups made of glass, bronze and pottery.

    In Hellenistic and Roman times, the 'exotic' appearance of African people evoked interest, and they were quite often depicted in art. The negroid head motif on this flask should not, therefore, be taken as evidence for the actual presence of black Africans in Roman Kent.


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    On display: Room 49: Roman Britain

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