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Bronze helmet


Length: 28.200 cm (max.)

Gift of R. Clutterbuck

P&EE 1813.3-13.1

Room 49: Roman Britain

    Bronze helmet

    Roman Britain, mid-1st century AD
    From near Norcott Hill, Northchurch, Hertfordshire

    Worn by Roman soldiers at the time of the invasion of Britain

    This helmet was found during the digging of the Grand Junction canal between Tring and Berkhamstead. It is a fine example of the type worn by Roman soldiers at the time of the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43.

    The domed bowl, with its broad, horizontal neck guard, was skilfully raised from a single piece of bronze. It is surmounted by a soldered knob which secured a detachable crest. Two cheek-pieces are missing, which would have protected the side of the face.

    T. Richard Blurton (ed.), The enduring image: treasures, exh. cat (British Council, 1997)


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    On display: Room 49: Roman Britain