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Rock crystal buckle with a silver tongue



Length: 4.500 cm

Britain, Europe and Prehistory
Morel Collection

    Rock crystal buckle with a silver tongue

    Merovingian, early to mid-6th century AD
    Found in a grave near Châlons-sur-Marne, Marne, France

    The buckle is probably from a belt. The hoop of rock crystal would have been cut and polished in the East Mediterranean region. Special skill was required to cut this stone, which was not possessed in the West. The buckle may have reached France in one of a variety of ways: by trade across the Mediterranean, as a diplomatic gift, or with a warrior who had come from the Lower Danube area.

    H. Tait (ed.), 7000 years of jewellery (London, British Museum Press, 2006)

    S. Marzinzik, Masterpieces: Early medieval a (London, British Museum Press, 2013)


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