William Hoare, Christian Frederick Zincke, a black and red
chalk drawing

London, 1752

Christian Friedrich Zincke (1684?–1767) was a painter of miniatures in enamels. Born in Dresden, he moved to London in 1706 and became a leading enamel painter. During the 1740s, Zincke’s eyesight deteriorated and he retired to Lambeth in 1746.

This portrait, by William Hoare, was drawn after Zincke’s retirement. It is a rare informal image of an artist at work. Most portraits show the sitter as he or she wishes to be seen by society at large, and artists' portraits tended to stress their gentility rather than dwelling on the details of their craft.

Throughout his life Hoare made informal portrait drawings of his family and friends usually, as here, in black and red chalks.

Here Zincke is shown engaged in an activity that he enjoyed, painting his own daughter’s portrait for pleasure. Hoare carefully records all the details of an enamellist at work – from Zincke’s open-mouthed concentration to the tools in front of him and the intricate nature of painting a tiny miniature.

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Height: 416.000 mm
Width: 320.000 mm

Museum number

PD 1860-7-28-167



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