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Michelangelo, Ideal head of a woman, a black chalk drawing


Height: 28.700 cm
Width: 23.500 cm

PD 1895-9-15-493

Prints and Drawings

    Michelangelo, Ideal head of a woman, a black chalk drawing

    Florence, Italy
    About 1525-8

    Michelangelo (1475-1564) created sophisticated studies of profile heads, such as this one, as works of art in their own right. He probably made this highly polished drawing as a gift for a close friend. It shows an idealised female beauty who, in keeping with Michelangelo's ideal of beauty, has rather masculine features.

    The intricate arrangement of the woman's plaited hair, which flows out of the side and back of her bizarrely strapped helmet, is reminiscent of earlier Florentine portraits. Michelangelo may have been influenced by works from the 1470s, including a painting of Cleopatra by Piero di Cosimo and Leonardo's exquisitely worked studies of heads, including his early metalpoint depiction of a leonine warrior.

    The lower left corner of the sheet has been cut, perhaps because there was a desirable small study on the verso, and a small section at the top is also missing (this is shown in old copies such as one at Windsor).

    H. Chapman, Michelangelo drawings: closer (London, British Museum Press, 2005)


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