Erhard Schön, Head of Dürer in profile to the left, a woodcut

About AD 1528-29

This print is based on a medal by Mathes Gebel (about 1500-74) issued to commemorate Durer's death in 1528. The print was probably issued shortly afterwards, in response to the demand for portraits of the famous artist to which this gave rise. This impression, with an additional laudatory poem by Hans Sachs (1494-1576), who incorrectly gives the date of death as 14 April instead of 6 April, was printed in about 1550 by Hans Glaser, a Nuremberg publisher. It was reprinted at least eight times during the sixteenth century alone, but such early impressions of the print are are extremely rare.

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G. Bartrum (ed.), Albrecht Dürer and his legacy: (London and N.J., The British Museum Press and Princeton University Press, 2002)


Height: 378.000 mm
Width: 260.000 mm

Museum number

PD 1885-5-9-1587



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