Camille Pissarro, Passage en Long ('Horizontal landscape'), an etching with aquatint

France, AD 1879

Known primarily as a painter, Pissarro (1830-1903) was a prolific printmaker, although he only published eight prints for sale in his life. His work as a printmaker largely became known through posthumous editions pulled by his family.

In 1879, when this print was made, Pissarro was working closely with Degas. They collaborated with the American artist Mary Cassatt on a journal of prints called Le Jour et la Nuit which failed to continue past the first issue. Degas had made his own printmaking equipment available to his friend and encouraged him in the use of unorthodox etching techniques.

The extended horizontal panorama is unique in Pissarro's printed work although it is related to his series of four horizontal panels of the seasons painted in 1872-3. The format may have been inspired by the landscape designs of the Japanese woodblock artist, Hiroshige (1826-69).

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Height: 117.000 mm
Width: 394.000 mm

Museum number

PD 1949-4-11-2594 (Delteil 17)


Bequeathed by Campbell Dodgson


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