Albrecht Dürer, Fisherman's house on a lake, near Nuremberg, a watercolour

Around AD 1496

This is one of a group of drawings which represent the countryside around Nuremberg and were probably made soon after Dürer returned from his first visit to Italy. The small building has been identified from an atlas published by Paul Pfinzinger about 1595 (Staatsarchiv, Nuremberg as the Weyerhaüsslein ('small pond house') at St Johannis, which in Dürer's day was just outside the city walls, but now is a suburb of Nuremberg.

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G. Bartrum (ed.), Albrecht Dürer and his legacy: (London and N.J., The British Museum Press and Princeton University Press, 2002)


Height: 213.000 mm
Width: 225.000 mm

Museum number

PD Sloane 5218-165



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