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Head of Pazuzu


Height: 4.600 cm

Collected by Claudius James Rich

ME 93090

Enlightenment: Ancient scripts

    Head of Pazuzu

    Found at the site of Babylon, southern Iraq

    The face of the ancient Mesopotamian god Pazuzu was said to be anathema to the demoness Lamashtu. It was, therefore, widely used on pendants worn to protect the wearer against evil.

    This bearded snarling head made of bronze was acquired by Claudius James Rich (1786-1821), who successfully identified the remains of Babylon in 1811. The head was found in one of the graves there. Rich described it as 'a little brass ornament that was found with a skeleton in a coffin at the Mujelibe'. This suggests that it had been re-used in antiquity, since later excavations at this part of Babylon have shown these graves to be much later in date.


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