Fragment of a pottery vessel

From Kuyunjik (ancient Nineveh), northern Iraq
Ninevite 5 period, 2900 BC

The finds of Max Mallowan, who excavated at Nineveh from 1931-32, resulted in the first attempt to establish a chronological scheme for prehistoric Assyria. Mallowan distinguished five levels covering 3,500 years, which he named Ninevite 1 to 5, from top to bottom. This fragment dates to Ninevite 5 (about 2900-2550 BC). This level is characterized by vessels on a foot, bowls painted with animal and other patterns (as here), or pottery made of fine grey ware adorned with incised and indented patterns.

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C. Trümpler (ed.), Agatha Christie and archaeolog (London, The British Museum Press, 2001)


Height: 9.400 cm

Museum number

ME 1932-12-12,317?


Excavated by Max Mallowan


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