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Earthenware bowl with kufic inscription


Diameter: 34.600 cm

ME OA 1958.12-18.1

Room 34: The Islamic world


    Earthenware bowl with kufic inscription

    From Nishapur, western Iran
    11th century AD

    'He who speaks, his speech is silver, but silence is a ruby'

    The decoration on this luxury bowl from Nishapur comes entirely from the fine calligraphy around its rim. This relies on the simple contrast of black and white, and the elegant arrangement of the Kufic script, the tall swaying stalks of some letters reaching down into the bowl. Inside the dish is a small ornamental flourish, linking the black inscription around the rim with the centre of the circle. A similar script is used in iranian manuscripts of the same period.

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    On display: Room 34: The Islamic world

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