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Clay plaque showing a banqueter


Length: 11.800 cm
Width: 8.600 cm

Room 52, case 13, no. 24

ME 91786

Room 52: Ancient Iran

    Clay plaque showing a banqueter

    Parthian, 1st century AD
    From Uruk / Warka, southern Iraq

    A Parthian

    The plaque shows in miniature a man wearing typical Parthian dress of belted tunic and baggy trousers. He reclines, presumably on a mattress or couch, although not depicted, and holds a drinking cup or bowl in one hand.

    The figure was made by pressing the clay into a simple mould. More stylized versions, made from two-piece moulds, were made in or close to the city of Nimrud in northern Iraq.

    J. Curtis, Ancient Persia-1 (London, The British Museum Press, 2000)


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    On display: Room 52: Ancient Iran

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