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'Ali Omar Ermes, the letter kaf, ink on paper

© 2004 'Ali Omar Ermes


Height: 153.000 cm
Width: 123.000 cm

Presented by Omar Ali Ermes

ME OA 1992.12-15,0.1

Middle East


    Ali Omar Ermes, the letter kaf, ink on paper

    From Libya
    AD 1991

    Contemporary calligraphy

    To this day the versatile Arabic alphabet remains a source of inspiration to artists from the Islamic world. The artist 'Ali Omar Ermes (born 1945 and living in London) uses quotations from classical Arabic poetry, writing them out in strong colours with expressive brush-strokes. He describes poetry as the medium between the visual movement of the image, and the universe to which it belongs.

    In this painting the letter kaf is written in bold with an inscription from a poem by the cAbbasid caliph al-Mansur (AD 754-75) commenting on the injustice of society. He uses the Maghribi script, the characteristic script of North Africa.

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