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Young cow and herdsmen from the south frieze of the Parthenon


Height: 100.000 cm

Elgin Collection

GR South Frieze XLIV, 129-131

Room 18: Greece: Parthenon

    Young cow and herdsmen from the south frieze of the Parthenon

    The Acropolis, Athens, Greece, about 438-432 BC

    Scene from a procession of sacrificial victims

    The procession of the Panathenaic festival accompanied cattle and sheep to the Acropolis, where they were slaughtered at a great altar. In the rendering of the procession on the Parthenon frieze, ten cattle were shown on the south frieze, while four cattle and four sheep were shown on the north.

    The beast shown here has been immortalized in the poet John Keats' 'Ode on a Grecian Urn' as the 'heifer lowing at the skies'. Keats seems to have derived his imagery from several pieces of sculpture, possibly including an ancient marble vase that cannot now be identified.

    The unfortunate heifer is trying to break free from its minders. Three youths in long cloaks (himatia) struggle to restrain her. Their draperies contrast pleasingly with the broad, flat flank of the animal.

    I. Jenkins, The Parthenon Frieze (London, The British Museum Press, 1994)


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    On display: Room 18: Greece: Parthenon

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