Upper part of a marble male figure

Greek, about 550-520 BC
From the Temple of Artemis at Ephesos, modern Turkey

The back part of the head, chest, right shoulder and arm of this profile figure are preserved. The right arm was bent at the elbow and crossed the body, and the man may have carried an object, perhaps a votive offering. He wears a tight-fitting chiton (tunic) which accentuates his rounded chest, the material folding into only a few flat pleats. Over this garment is draped a panther skin, the head of which is lying flat over the man's right shoulder. His hair falls in long tresses, the locks divided into square sections and falling down the back in softer, more naturalistic strands. Traces of red paint remain in his hair.

It is not clear whether this figure - to which a fragment of face from another figure was previously joined - comes from the circular column drums or the square pedestals. Its scale, however, suggests the former.

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More information


U. Muss, Die Bauplastik des archäischen (Vienna, Eigenverlag des Österreichischen Archäologischen Instituts, 1994)

F.N. Pryce, Catalogue of sculpture in the (London, 1928)


Height: 59.000 cm

Museum number

GR 1874.2-5.79 (Sculpture B 90)


Excavated by John Turtle Wood


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