Silver bowl

Mycenaean, about 1400-1200 BC
From Tomb 66, Enkomi, Cyprus

A rich import to Cyprus from the world of mainland Greece

This hemispherical silver bowl with a rounded base is made from thick sheet silver. The handle resembles a wishbone and incised concentric circles decorate the rim of the bowl. It was made in Mycenaean Greece and exported to Cyprus, where it was buried in a tomb at Enkomi. Several silver bowls of this shape and with similar handles have been found in Cyprus, some plain and some with inlaid decoration. A particularly fine example of the inlaid type, also from Enkomi, is decorated with bulls' heads

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V. Tatton-Brown, Ancient Cyprus, 2nd ed. (London, The British Museum Press, 1997)

R.A. Higgins, Minoan and Mycenean art, new revised edition (London, Thames & Hudson, 1997)


Diameter: 20.000 cm
Height: 8.000 cm

Museum number

GR 1897.4-1.300


Miss E.T. Turner Bequest excavations


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