Red jasper intaglio: portrait head of Mark Antony

Roman, about 40-30 BC

The engraver has cut an exceptionally clear profile portrait, with long tousled hair, the locks carefully delineated, and no beard. The nose is hooked, the slightly open mouth down-turned, and the chin prominent. The features resemble those of Antony on some of his coin portraits, and the bust ends at the neck.

The intaglio may have been used as a seal by one of Mark Antony's supporters.

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S. Walker and P. Higgs, Cleopatra of Egypt: from histo (London, The British Museum Press, 2001)

S. Walker and A. Burnett, Augustus: handlist of the exhi, British Museum Occasional Paper 16 (, 1981)


Length: 14.000 mm
Width: 10.000 mm

Museum number

GR 1867. 5-7.724 (Gem 1966)


Blacas Collection


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