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Relief from the Nereid Monument


Length: 115.500 cm

Excavated by Sir Charles Fellows

GR 1848.10-20.97 (Sculpture 903)

Room 17: Nereid Monument

    Relief from the Nereid Monument

    Lykian, about 390-380 BC
    From Xanthos (modern Günük, south-western Turkey)

    Marble relief showing a banqueting scene

    The upper walls of the Nereid Monument were crowned with a frieze showing scenes of blood sacrifice and banqueting. This relief appears to portray the local ruler and presumed occupant of the tomb. He reclines on a banqueting couch with a hunting dog crouching below. He is attended by servants and a bearded figure who leans forward to say something. In one hand the banqueter holds a libation bowl (phiale), and in the other a Persian pouring vessel (rhyton).

    This relief and other remains of the Nereid Monument were brought back to England between 1842 and 1844 by two expeditions led by Charles Fellows. He is credited with the discovery of the cities of ancient Lykia in the course of his travels, and he published several accounts of his journeys.

    L. Burn, The British Museum book of G-1, revised edition (London, The British Museum Press, 1999)


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    On display: Room 17: Nereid Monument

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