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Pottery jug with high spout


Height: 39.000 cm

Gift of Mr. G. Dunn

GR 1920.10-15.1 (Vases A 342)

Room 11: Cycladic Islands

    Pottery jug with high spout

    Middle Bronze Age, about 1800-1550 BC
    Probably from the island of Mílos, the Cyclades, Aegean Sea

    The suggestion of a female form

    This high-spouted jug is of a type characteristic of the Cycladic islands in the Middle Bronze Age, with dark, matt paint applied to a white background.

    The potters were clearly aware of the humorous links between these rather cheerful-looking vessels, with their perky, upward-tilted spouts, and the human form. Here, as on others, the potter has applied small nipples to the front of the jug. Occasionally such jugs wear necklaces, and have eyes painted on each side of the spout.

    R.L.N. Barber, The Cyclades in the Bronze Age (London, Duckworth, 1987)

    R.A. Higgins, Minoan and Mycenean art, new revised edition (London, Thames & Hudson, 1997)


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    On display: Room 11: Cycladic Islands

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