Limestone statuette of a hunter

Cypriot, around 550 BC
Found in the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, Naukratis, Egypt

Standing in the Egyptian manner

The Greek trading colony at Naukratis was founded early in the sixth century BC by a syndicate of Greek cities. At Naukratis, the colonists traded with each other and, presumably, with the native Egyptians. Evidence for a Cypriot presence in the colony is suggested by the discovery of numerous limestone statuettes, carved in Cypriot style and wearing Cypriot dress. Many of these were found in the principal sanctuary dedicated to Aphrodite, goddess of love.

This statuette represents a hunter who carries a bow in the left hand, arrows in the right and two pairs of animals (boars and hares) over his shoulder. He wears a close-fitting cap, with side pieces turned up and an animal skin over a tunic. Down the back of the hunter's right leg is an inscription in Greek, dedicating it to Aphrodite.

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Height: 49.300 cm

Museum number

GR 1888.6-1.20 (Sculpture B 451)



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