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Gold sheet restored to form a bowl


Height: 5.000 cm
Diameter: 16.000 cm

Miss E.T. Turner Bequest excavations

GR 1897.4-1.273 (Jewellery 680)

Room 72: Ancient Cyprus

    Gold sheet restored to form a bowl

    From tomb 66 at Enkomi, Cyprus
    Probably made in Mycenaean Greece about 1400-1300 BC

    One of a series of precious metal vessels made in Mycenaean Greece

    This gold sheet was originally thought to be a gold mask. However, as the sheet is completely undecorated its restoration as a bowl is more convincing. Bronze vessels of this shallow form are known from Cyprus, but many more of precious metals, notably of gold and silver, are recorded from Greece, making it likely that this gold bowl is an import.

    The bowl must have arrived with pottery from Mycenaean Greece. It was during the fourteenth and most of the thirteenth century BC that a great quantity of pottery was imported to Cyprus from this part of the Greek world. A considerable amount of Mycenaean Greek pottery has been found in the tombs at Enkomi, where the gold sheet was found.

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