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Bone spectacle fibula (brooch)


Length: 6.500 cm

British Museum Excavations

GR 1907.12-1.366

Room 13: Greece 1050-520 BC

    Bone spectacle fibula (brooch)

    Greek, about 650-600 BC
    From Ephesos, modern Turkey

    A brooch dedicated to Artemis

    Votive offerings have been found in the area of the foundations of the Archaic Temple of Artemis at Ephesos, showing that a sanctuary had been in existence before the temple was built. They include a number of small objects, among them this brooch. The type of object is known as a spectacle fibula, because of the shape: the bronze pin originally attached to the back of this piece is now missing. The brooch was probably worn on the shoulder, to fasten quite substantial folds of drapery. No doubt it was a personal possession, left by its owner as a dedication at the sanctuary.

    D.G. Hogarth, Excavations at Ephesus: the Ar (London, Trustees of the British Museum, 1908)


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    On display: Room 13: Greece 1050-520 BC

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