Black-figured amphora

Etruscan, about 510-500 BC
Found at Vulci, Italy

Etruscan sports

A flourishing school of vase-painting at Vulci in Etruria produced vases that were both Greek and Etruscan in style. Many remain unattributed, but this neck-amphora or storage jar, with its animated scenes, has been attributed to an artist known as the Micali painter. The name comes from a pioneering scholar of Etruscan art.

The vase is decorated with a procession, sporting events, and entertainments. A boxing match is watched by an umpire, and by a boy attendant holding a sponge and oil-flask. A pipe-player plays an aulos or double pipe. A discus thrower, a javelin thrower, a man wearing a helmet performing a jump, and a chariot race with the winner passing the finishing post are also shown. A boy is climbing a pole, pairs of satyrs are dancing, veiled women are shown walking or dancing and boys are playing castanets. The general effect is of various lively activities, and while the satyrs introduce a mythological element most of the figures seem to belong in the realm of everyday life, perhaps evoking events during a festival day in the Etruscan world. A number of the subjects are also represented in contemporary tomb-painting.

The events may be associated with a festival held in honour of Dionysos (Etruscan Fufluns), particularly in view of the presence of satyrs, who traditionally featured among the god's followers.

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Height: 47.500 cm

Museum number

GR 1865.1-3.25 (Vases B 64)



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