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Silver coin of Gautamiputra Satakarni


Diameter: 18.000 mm
Weight: 2.200 g

Gift of the Bombay Government

CM 1907-1-2-12

Coins and Medals

    Silver coin of Gautamiputra Satakarni

    Satavahana dynasty, late 1st century AD
    From Central India

    Overstruck on a coin of Nahapana

    An inscription of the Satavahana king Gautamiputra (about AD 60-90) records a victory in the eighteenth year of his reign over the Scythian satrap (local ruler) Nahapana (about AD 50-80) Coins of Nahapana that have been restruck by Gautamiputra, like this example, are often found in the Nasik district of west India. They were perhaps taken as war booty by Gautamiputra after this victory and then reused.

    On the obverse (front) of the coin, Nahapana's profile, encircled by a Greek inscription, is still visible beneath the hill and crescent symbol of Gautamiputra. On the reverse, only traces of Nahapana's design of an arrow and a thunderbolt remain around the perimeter of the overstruck cross with four circles. This is the symbol of the city of Ujjain, then the capital of the Satavahanas. The Brahmi inscription gives Gautamiputra's name and titles.

    E. J. Rapson, Catalogue of the Indian coins (London, 1908)

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