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Printed money envelope


Height: 121.000 mm
Width: 71.000 mm

Gift of Sara Pimpaneau

CM 2001-4-2-3

Coins and Medals

    Printed money envelope

    Origin uncertain, around AD 2001

    Good fortune

    With its colourful design on the front and red background and reverse, this envelope is typical of those made during the 1990s and early twenty-first century.

    The tall figure on the front of this envelope is Fu xing, the god of happiness, who carries his customary ruyi sceptre (the characters ru yi, 'all you wish for', appear in many good luck wishes). Above him are ribbons and bats (the Chinese for 'happiness' and 'bat' is fu). Below him are three chubby children, surrounded by treasures such as strings of coins, ingots, pearls and jewels. The child holding the gourd sits on a jubaopen, a magical vessel of treasures that remains full however much one takes from it. The child in the blue gown holds up a glowing ball on which is written fu, meaning 'good fortune'. The child at the front struggles to lift a heavy gold ingot.


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