Portrait of Albrecht Dürer, a bronze medal after Hans Schwarz

Late 16th century AD

The original medal by Hans Schwarz (1492 - after 1535) is known in very few examples, none of which has survived in good condition. It is a single-sided medal, which first appeared in 1520, and again in 1528 with a different inscription as a commemorative piece after Dürer's death.

The design became well known through the large numbers of posthumous copies or 'aftercasts', of which this is one.

Schwarz habitually designed portraits for his medals - over 130 of his portrait drawings have survived - and in the absence of a surviving drawing by Dürer for the obverse (front) of this medal, it is reasonable to assume that Schwarz designed it himself. He presumably based it on Dürer's likeness in the Munich self-portrait of 1500, as the long curly hair and fur-trimmed robe are quite similar.

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G. Bartrum (ed.), Albrecht Dürer and his legacy: (London and N.J., The British Museum Press and Princeton University Press, 2002)


Diameter: 55.000 mm

Museum number

CM 1875-10-4-11



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