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Money envelope with an illustration of ancient money


Height: 137.000 mm
Width: 82.000 mm

Gift of Eva Mak

CM 2001-3-3-27

Coins and Medals

    Money envelope with an illustration of ancient money

    Hong Kong, AD 2001

    Welcome spring! Welcome good fortune!

    This envelope has a four-character inscription across the top that reads 'Welcome spring! Welcome good fortune!' Down the centre is the character fu, 'good fortune', written in outline.

    The left side of fu has been designed in a way that brings to mind one of the most beautiful pieces of ancient Chinese money: the knife money inlaid with gold, issued by Wang Mang in AD 7. This was also one of the highest denomination coins in Chinese history, and had a value of 5,000 qian.

    The envelope was produced for KMB Bar Services, and the company's logo is found both within and below the character fu.


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