Money envelope with an illustration of traditional money

Purchased at the Friendship Store, Beijing
December AD 2001

Good luck in all you wish for

The inscription on this tall red envelope translates as 'Good luck in all you wish for!' Above the inscription are illustrations of three objects representing traditional forms of money in China, and a ruyi sceptre.

The traditional forms of money include spade money, a coin with a square hole in the middle, and a small silver ingot. Unlike real coins, the spade and coin carry good luck wishes: 'good luck' (on the spade) 'in all you wish for' (on the coin).

The ruyi sceptre also conveys a wish for good luck as ruyi means 'all you wish for'.

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Height: 190.000 mm
Width: 91.000 mm

Museum number

CM 2001-12-3-32


Gift of Halina Karpowicz


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