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Money box in the shape of a television


Length: 14.500 cm
Width: 4.900 cm
Height: 10.000 cm

Gift of D. Pemberton

CM 1999-6-7-1

Room 68: Money

    Money box in the shape of a television

    Burma (Myanmar), 20th century AD

    Out of temptation's way

    This plaster money box is made from a cheap material moulded into a shape that is familiar to us all. With the globalization of the media the television set has become part of everyday life for large sections of the world's population.

    The money box is a way to provide a safe environment for money in the home and to keep spare change out of temptation's way. A money box in a friendly shape like this one can also be used to teach younger children to look after their money, and to show them that small change can be built up into sums of money that can be used later. With planning and foresight people can use a money box as a personal 'bank' at home. It may not give out interest, but nor does it impose charges.

    J. Orna-Ornstein, The story of money (London, The British Museum Press, 1997)


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    On display: Room 68: Money

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