Bronze Daibinh thinhbao coin

From Vietnam
Daibinh reign period, AD 970

Vietnam's first coin

Like Korea and Japan, Vietnam issued its first coins based on the coins of China. The bronze Daibinh thinhbao was the earliest coin issued in Vietnam. It followed the design of contemporary coins of the Chinese Song dynasty, both in terms of form (round with a square hole in the centre), and inscription (in Chinese characters arranged around the hole).

The inscription on this coin reads 'Daibinh thinhbao', arranged top-bottom, right-left around the square hole. 'Daibinh' refers to the Vietnamese Daibinh reign period, and thinhbao means 'abundant treasure'. This coin was issued by Prince Dinh Bo Linh (died 979), whose name (Dinh) is found on the reverse of the coin.

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F. Thierry, Catalogue des monnaies vietnam (Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, 1987)

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Diameter: 23.500 mm
Weight: 3.140 g
Diameter: 23.500 mm
Weight: 3.140 g

Museum number

CM 1884-5-11-2234



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