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Bronze Daguan tongbao coin


Diameter: 41.000 mm
Weight: 14.640 g

CM 289

Room 33: Asia

    Bronze Daguan tongbao coin

    From China
    Song dynasty, Daguan reign period (AD 1107-10)

    Designed by the Emperor Huizong

    Touch the animation button to see the traditional process of casting East Asian coins.

    Calligraphy was regarded as one of the highest art forms during the Song dynasty, and the calligraphy for this coin was supplied by the Emperor Huizong (reigned 1101-25) himself. Huizong was extremely interested in the arts, and developed a very distinctive style of calligraphy, known as 'slender needle style', which can be seen here.

    The inscription on this coin reads 'Da guan tong bao', arranged top-bottom-right-left around the square hole. 'Daguan' refers to the Daguan reign period (1107-10), and tongbao means 'circulating treasure' or 'coin'.

    J. Williams (ed.), Money: a history (London, The British Museum Press, 1997)


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    On display: Room 33: Asia

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