Badge for LGBT History Month

London, UK

This badge was made to mark LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) History Month, which takes place in the UK every year in February. It was donated to the British Museum in 2009.

Homosexual acts in private in Britain were decriminalised in 1967, following the recommendations of a 1957 government committee chaired by Lord Wolfenden, later a director of the British Museum (1969-73). While this reform changed the legal status of those engaged in same-sex relationships, general attitudes to them did not necessarily change.

In many countries gay liberation movements have fought – and continue to fight – against discrimination and prejudice using both publications and protests. In the academic world, studies on gay history and gender studies have risen in importance.

The first LGBT History Month took place in the United States of America in October 1994. The first LGBT History Month in the United Kingdom took place in February 2005. Both events were based on the creation of a Black History Month which first took place in the UK in October 1987.

By looking back into the past to explore the history of same-sex relationships and fluid ideas of gender, the month-long celebrations aim to show that these are not modern inventions, but essential parts of human existence and experience.

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